U.S. Should Face up to Strategic Position of DPRK: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) — If the U.S. persists in dead-end military standoff with the DPRK, failing to face up to its strategic position as an advanced nuclear power, it will meet the miserable end only, warns Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a commentary.

The commentary says:
Such American gangster logic that a country which surrenders after dropping nukes can exist but should never be pardoned if it advocates independence with nukes can never work on the DPRK.
No force on the earth can match the tremendous might of the invincible revolutionary Paektusan army which proved in practice that it is capable of defending the country from the enemy invasion on the ground, at seas and in the air and making a high-precision pinpoint nuclear strike on any individual target.
The DPRK is neither surprised nor frightened although the U.S. flexes its muscle by massively mobilizing its threat-representative strategic assets including nuclear carriers.
If the U.S. imperialists make a provocation by counting on them, the DPRK will reduce them to scrap iron in a flash.
The U.S. pride that it hadn’t got even a single shell fired at its territory though it trifled with the sovereignty and destiny of other countries and nations through numerous invasions and war provocations has now become an old story. The U.S. should always suffer from the distress that its mainland might be engulfed in flames due to the nuclear strikes of justice by the DPRK.
Time, justice and final victory are in store for the DPRK.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28705377@N04/4628702156/

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