DPRK Will Steadily Bolster Nuclear Force: Minju Joson

Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) — Recently the U.S. announced “independent sanctions” against the DPRK and let the UN Security Council adopt another “sanctions resolution”, talking about “nuclear and missile threats” from the latter.

The “resolution” is a product of collusion of the U.S., which is displeased with the victorious advance of the DPRK, and its vassal forces and another hostile act aimed to check the latter’s bolstering of nuclear force, disarm and economically suffocate it, Minju Joson Saturday says in a commentary.
Stating it is a great mistake for the U.S. to expect that its sanctions would delay even a bit or check the DPRK’s development of nuclear force, the commentary goes on:
We had known about the U.S. scheme at that time when we started buildup of the Juche-oriented nuclear force, tightening our belts, and took the option of simultaneously pushing forward the economic construction and the building of nuclear force in a do-or-die spirit to face all the difficulties.
We will steadfastly advance along the road of bolstering the Juche-oriented nuclear force no matter what others may say, as it is the road to independence and justice.
High precision and diversified “Juche rockets” will be multifariously and continuously launched on this land until the U.S. finds a proper solution to the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula and takes a right option after cooling its hot head heated by confrontation frenzy.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/comradeanatolii/7163874084/

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