Submission to U.S. Will Bring Ruin: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) — The south Korean society now boils with rage over the puppet military group’s concealment of the additional introduction of THAAD launch pads.

The former Chongwadae security office chief Kim Kwan Jin and Defence Minister Han Min Gu and other military bosses of south Korea introduced four launch pads of THAAD in addition and deliberately deleted the fact in the Chongwadae work report in a bid to conceal their crimes.
This is a huge crime and an act of treachery making a mockery and deception of the south Koreans dead-set against THAAD.
The puppet military brought six launch pads amounting to one battery of THAAD and has kept it in secrecy to the rage of the south Koreans.
The whole process of THAAD deployment pushed forward by traitor Park Geun Hye and the military group has been consistent with deception of the public and submission to the U.S.
A typical example is an attitude represented as “3NO”.
When there was mounting prediction about the U.S. THAAD deployment in south Korea, the Park Geun Hye group feigned ignorance of it, saying that it remains unchanged in its “3NO stand”, stressing that there was no negotiations and therefore, no results as there was no request from the U.S.
In 2014, Kim Kwan Jin, the then defence minister of south Korea, too, said that “THAAD is only in the middle of discussion and we have no plan to deploy it.”
The official and unofficial discussions between the U.S. and south Korea were persistently pushed forward behind this and the decision on THAAD deployment was officially announced in July 2016.
The puppet military’s despicable behavior of acting at the beck and call of its American master by taking the advantage of the chaotic political situation that followed the impeachment of Park Geun Hye is all the more disgusting.
The puppet military deceived the people that it would not deploy THAAD before the “presidential” election but at the end of April they brought to Songju, North Kyongsang Province most parts of THAAD including X-band radar all of a sudden overnight.
The controversial THAAD launch pads were also introduced in secrecy by the military in the same deceptive way.
The situation proves that Park Geun Hye and the military riff-raffs who acted as her cat’s paws are a group of traitors keen on sycophantic treachery and a group of pro-American traitors who leave no means and methods untried to earn favor of their master.
Unless the group of top class criminals and the remnants of Park Geun Hye are removed to stop such practice as offering south Koreans as victims of a nuclear war while staking their fate on outsiders, it would be impossible to evade disaster to be caused by THAAD deployment.
It is the wish of the south Koreans that traitors who committed indelible crimes before the nation have to be sternly punished.
This is also the warning of the people to the present south Korean authorities.
The south Korean authorities are taking the stand that they can not withdraw THAAD deployment while talking about “alliance” with the U.S. even though they are threatening Kim Kwan Jin and Han Min Gu with investigation.
They should be mindful that their acceptance of the U.S. brigandish pressure for “THAAD” deployment would undermine the fundamental interests of the nation and bring their own destruction.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/triptych64/1864139691/

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