U.S. Policy of Pressure upon DPRK Always Brings Shame: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) — The successive rulers of the U.S. from Truman to Obama laid down policies to stifle the DPRK and persistently implemented them by practicing war moves, escalating nuclear threats and blackmail and imposing toughest sanctions and pressure upon it, but they suffered disgrace and destructions only, says Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in a commentary.

It goes on:
The Trump administration’s DPRK policy, too, produces the same result. Its policy of “maximum pressure and engagement” is different from signboards of others, but the essence is the heinous hostility toward the DPRK.
It is an ugly assembly of the failed policies of the predecessors.
Trump tried hard to verify the effectiveness of the policy of military pressure on the DPRK through the joint military drills Key Resolve and Foal Eagle. His administration is hell bent on putting sanctions and pressure on the DPRK, after cooking up “sanctions resolution” of the UN Security Council again. However, the DPRK is making eye-opening and leaping advance with the great spirit of self-reliance and self-development as the dynamic force.
The U.S. is now at a loss what to do with the DPRK.
The process of the DPRK-U.S. standoff in the first half of the year proves that the U.S. stronger pressure makes Juche Korea more powerful while making the destiny of the U.S. more risky.
The strategic position of the DPRK as a nuclear power in the East and rocket power in Asia is becoming more steadfast.
If the U.S. continues to run amuck recklessly, not drawing due lesson from the standoff with the DPRK, it will face bitterer disgrace and defeat.

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