Opening Results of Investigation into Environment Pollution at U.S. Military Base Urged in S. Korea

Pyongyang, June 23 (KCNA) — The People’s Solidarity for the Revision of Unequal SOFA in south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on June 15 in demand of opening the results of investigation into the environment pollution of the Ryongsan U.S. military base, according to the south Korean internet paper Jaju Sibo.

In a press release the organization said the Ryongsan base is censured as the most polluted environment among the U.S. bases as no measures have been taken to prevent benzene leaked to be 500 times the tolerance limit of the underground water in the base.
It urged the Ministry of Environment to inform the south Korean people of the environment pollution of the Ryongsan base and force the U.S. forces to be responsible for it by applying the principle of polluter.
It also underscored the need for the present “government” to accept the issue of environmental pollution as “state affairs” and settle the long-standing environmental pollution.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28705377@N04/4625569161/

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