S. Korean Authorities Have to Stop Speaking Ill of DPRK and Send Back Its Citizens

Pyongyang, June 23 (KCNA) — A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Friday as regards an anti-DPRK farce over the “repatriation of detainees” being waged in south Korea over the issue of Warmbier who had recently been sent back to the U.S.:

Now being undertaken in south Korea is a frantic confrontation racket against the DPRK as Warmbier died in the middle of treatment in the U.S. The American man had served a prison term after being sentenced to it for committing hostile acts against the DPRK and was sent back to the U.S. as a humanitarian measure taken by the DPRK.
The conservative opposition parties including the Liberal Korea Party and conservative media are talking about “heinous cruelty”, “subhuman torture” and “strong denunciation”.
On June 22, some ruling and opposition lawmakers held a press conference at the “National Assembly” where they submitted a “resolution” demanding a “probe into truth by the international community” and “denouncing the violation of human rights”.
Even the chief executive of south Korea went busy, sending a “message of sympathy” to the U.S. He, in an interview with CBS, talked about “unwarranted and brutal treatment” and “crucial responsibility”.
Those, who are utterly ignorant of how we treated Warmbier from a humanitarian standpoint, are spouting such rubbish as “brutal acts” and “tortures”. It is needless to say that those acts are prompted by the intrinsic nature of pro-U.S. servants keen on tarnishing the image of the DPRK and currying favor with their master U.S.
What is all the more ridiculous is that the south Korean authorities are clamoring for the “repatriation of detainees” with the recent issue as a pretext.
It is the height of folly and impudence for the puppet forces to use the Warmbier issue for calling for “repatriation” of criminals who were arrested and sentenced to heavy penalty for committing hideous crimes against the DPRK.
To talk about “repatriation” of criminals who are in the middle of prison terms is an intolerable mockery and challenge to the law of the dignified DPRK.
If the puppet forces, so much clamoring for “concern” and “repatriation”, are truly concerned for “humanitarianism”, they have to immediately send back 12 DPRK women citizens whom they abducted in group in broad daylight and Kim Ryon Hui.
Lots of northerners now under detention in the south are anxiously looking forward to their repatriation to the homeland.
As was emphasized by the DPRK more than once, there can never be any humanitarian cooperation between the north and the south before the settlement of the repatriation issue of the DPRK citizens.
The south Korean authorities should clearly know that they can never cover up their unethical nature no matter how loudly they speak about “detention” and “repatriation” just like a thief getting afraid of his shadow. And they should immediately send back all the DPRK citizens on whom they are practicing persecution after detaining them against reason.

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