Kim Jong Il’s Feats for Party Building Lauded Abroad

Pyongyang, June 27 (KCNA) — Newspapers of different countries dedicated articles to the 53rd anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il’s start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea between May 30 and June 14.

The Egyptian paper Al Akhbar Almassay noted in an article that leader Kim Jong Il had guided the WPK to constantly embody the Juche Idea created by President Kim Il Sung, regarding it as its steadfast guidelines.
The article said:
He made sure that the Party follows only one idea, the Juche idea and solves all the problems arising in the Party building and activities as required by the idea and intention of the President.
He also built up the WPK into an invincible party that has achieved steel-like unity centered on the leader and the one deeply rooted among the masses.
India’s paper Awaking stressed in an article that Kim Jong Il set the single-minded unity as the mainstay of revolution and cemented the unity of the Korean society with the army as its core under the banner of Songun.
The Pakistani paper Election Times and Indonesia’s paper International Media and internet paper RMOL praised the feats of Kim Jong Il for party building and introduced the history of his guidance over the WPK.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidstanleytravel/5063216873/

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