Rodong Sinmun on Kim Il Sung’s Feats for Global Independence

Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) — Newspapers of the DPRK Saturday editorially mark the 23rd anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.

They praise Kim Il Sung as the sun of Juche, peerless patriot and eternal father of the nation who performed immortal exploits for the country, people, era and revolution with his unique idea and theory and great revolutionary practices.
Rodong Sinmun says:
There are many famous statesmen and great men in the world, but the world does not know such prominent leader and great revolutionary as the President who devoted his all to the struggle for independence of popular masses and laid strong foundation for the prosperity of the country and the nation in his lifetime.
The revolutionary idea of the President is the perfect guiding idea of the revolution in which the man-centered philosophical idea, popular masses-centered theory of revolution and guiding methods constitute an integral system.
The principle of giving priority to self-development of our people is based on the revolutionary idea of the President that the revolution of one’s own country should be made by one’s own efforts.
In the whole period of the leadership of the revolution, the President did all he could, foreseeing the distant future of the country.
Thanks to the noble and patriotic life of the President, today our country is displaying its might as an invincible politico-ideological power, matchless military power and promising youth power.
All the treasures the President left as legacies serve as the foundation guaranteeing the dignity and prosperity of all the generations of the nation.
Minju Joson calls upon all the people to unite close around respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and work hard to successfully carry out the wish of the President for building a socialist power.

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