Kimilsungia Greenhouses Visited in Guinea, Indonesia

Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) — Visits to the Kimilsungia greenhouses took place in Guinea and Indonesia from July 5 to 8 to mark the 23rd demise anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

On display at the greenhouses were photos showing the revolutionary exploits of President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
There were also works of the great men of Mt Paektu, potted Kimilsungias in full bloom, photos showing the diplomas and medals awarded to the immortal flower at the world’s flower shows and exhibitions, and books and photos introducing the DPRK.
The personages of various strata and masses from the relevant countries visited the greenhouses.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/1026126623/

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