Month of Anti-U.S. Joint Struggle Marked Abroad

Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) — There took place events in various countries on the occasion of the June 25-July 27 month of anti-U.S. joint struggle.

From June 16 to 23 a solidarity meeting was held in the Czech Republic, a lecture in Austria and a film show in Nigeria.
The vice general secretary of the Central Committee of the Czechoslovak Communist Party said:
June 25, 1950 witnessed the start of the Korean War by the U.S., and July 27, 1953 is the day when the army and people of the DPRK defeated the U.S. imperialists.
Far from drawing a lesson from its humiliating defeat in the Korean War, the U.S. is aggravating the tensions on the Korean peninsula through the provocative nuclear war drills.
In order to make genuine peace and stability settle on the Korean peninsula and put an end to the division of the Korean nation, it is necessary to have the U.S. withdraw its forces from south Korea at once.
The honorary chairman of the Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association said that thanks to respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un the Korean people will continue winning only victories in the showdown with the U.S. imperialists.
The chief of the Youth Group for Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism formed in Austria and other speakers noted that the army and people of the DPRK repulsed the invasion of the DPRK by the U.S. imperialists who boasted of being the “strongest” in the world and thus reliably defended the sovereignty of the country under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

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