Support to Struggle of Jongyojo in S. Korea Expressed

Pyongyang, July 15 (KCNA) — The Teachers Union of south Korea (Jongyojo) forcibly outlawed by the conservative group of traitors is waging a fiercer struggle for its legalization with the positive support of various circles.

In this regard, a spokesman for the Central Committee of the Educational and Cultural Workers’ Union of Korea issued a statement on Saturday, expressing support and solidarity for the just struggle of Jongyojo to liquidate the evils of the sycophantic and fascist dictatorship, achieve justice of society and democracy and retake the legitimate right.
Noting that Jongyojo has waged a dynamic struggle to oppose the puppet authorities’ reactionary education policy and implant the correct view on history and conscience of reunification into the minds of the youth and schoolchildren while calling for democracy of education, improvement of educational environment and education in reunification, the statement said:
The Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye conservative groups, which regarded Jongyojo as a thorn in their flesh, not only checked its just educational activities and movement for democracy but also cracked down it in every way. Park Geun Hye, a descendant of the ill-famed “yusin” fascist dictator, finally outlawed Jongyojo.
In face of the dynamic struggle of Jongyojo and pressure of the public, the present chief executive of south Korea pledged himself to legitimate it during the “presidential” election. But today he turned a deaf ear to it in fact, sparking off the public resentment.
Therefore, various circles of south Korea are extending positive support to the righteous activities of Jongyojo for independence and democracy of society and joining in the struggle for its legalization.
The just struggle of Jongyojo will surely emerge victorious as it has turned out in a campaign for the social change in south Korea and the future of the nation, aware of mission and duty of educators.

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