Minju Joson Urges U.S. to Understand Strategic Position of DPRK

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) — The DPRK sent a big “gift” to the U.S. on its “independence day” on July 4.

Even at this critical moment, the U.S. is not awakened from a pipe dream that intensified sanctions and pressure would make the DPRK yield, says Minju Joson Tuesday in a commentary.
The U.S. is still unaware of its rival although it sustained such bitter defeats in the stand-off with the DPRK. Herein lies the biggest tragedy of the U.S., the commentary says, and goes on:
The U.S. authorities regard human beings as money slaves and seeker of financial interests only and, therefore, can never understand the mental power of the army and people of the DPRK defending their ideology, social system and faith despite the worst difficulties, and their might of single-minded unity around the illustrious commander.
The DPRK is now in a position to lead the U.S., styling itself the world’s “only super power”, by the nose. Should the U.S. continue to opt for stand-off with the DPRK, unaware of the meaning of the “gift” delivered to it on its “independence day”, we will continue to send “gift packages”, big or small, to tire it out.
If the U.S. does not want to suffer the same defeat and shame as what it faced on July 4, it should clearly understand the strategic position of the DPRK, approach it with dignity and make a bold decision to make a switchover in the anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bumix2000/4906785951/

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