Minju Joson Slams S. Korean Puppet NA for Hurting Social System in DPRK

Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) — Shortly ago, the south Korean puppet National Assembly adopted a “resolution” taking issue with the DPRK’s test-launch of ICBM.

Minju Joson Sunday in a commentary says that this brought to light once again the treacherous nature of the puppet NA as it has committed crimes against the compatriots in the north in collusion with outside forces while serving the master U.S.
It goes on:
The “resolution” adopted at the puppet NA is no more than a reckless provocation of the political philistines who revealed their sinister intention to take advantage of the U.S. sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK to the last.
But, this is little short of strangling by themselves. Gone are the days never to return when the puppet forces could run amuck by relying on the U.S.
Those who are hurting the compatriots by relying on outside forces and making desperate efforts to attain the sinister purpose while creating confrontation and distrust can never go scot-free.
The Trump administration is rebuffed in its mainland and other parts of the world. The puppet NA would pay a very high price for daring challenge the social system of the DPRK while having lingering attachment to the Trump administration’s anachronistic policy towards the DPRK, the commentary warned.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lawrenceyeah/15141420324/

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