U.S. Interference in Sexual Slavery Issue Slammed in S. Korea

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) — The Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps and other civic and public organizations in south Korea reportedly held a press conference in Seoul on July 28, at which they denounced the U.S. for pressurizing south Korea to implement the “agreement” on the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army with Japan.

Speakers said that the U.S. is bulldozing south Korea into abiding by the “agreement”, despite the fact that the Japanese government has refused to admit the crime of sexual slavery, to say nothing of apology and compensation for it.
The U.S. attitude comes as a setback to the sexual slavery victims’ demand for reinstatement of rights, they contended, rejecting the U.S. unreasonable pressure.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/25061723@N00/6164357123/

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