Chongryon Officials Support Statement of DPRK Government

Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) — Officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) issued statements on August 9 actively supporting the statement of the DPRK government which denounced the UN Security Council’s “sanctions resolution”.

Ko Tok U, chairman of the Nishi Tokyo Metropolitan Headquarters of Chongryon, in a statement fully supported in the name of the officials and compatriots of the headquarters the statement of the DPRK government.
The statement said that all officials and compatriots under the headquarters will keep pace with the people in the homeland straightly advancing toward the road of independence, Songun and socialism, with conviction to win the final victory in the confrontation with the U.S. under the leadership of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
Pu Yong Uk, chairman of the Osaka Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon, said that the ICBM test-fire carried out by the DPRK was a legitimate measure for self-defence and an inevitable strategic option for defending the sovereignty of the country and the right to existence of the nation and the peace of the Korean peninsula and the security of the region from the hostile policy and nuclear threat and blackmail of the hostile forces led by the U.S.
Ri Pak Ji, chairman of the Toshun branch of Aichi Prefecture of Chongryon, said that the brigandish double-standards by which only big countries like the U.S. are allowed to conduct scores and hundreds of nuclear and ICBM tests and other countries are not allowed to do are never tolerable.

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