DPRK’s ICBM Test-Launch Hailed in India, Nigeria

Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA) — Indian and Nigerian organizations made public statements on Aug. 2 and 4 to congratulate the DPRK on its successful second test-launch of ICBM Hwasong-14.

The All India Indo-Korean Friendship Association said in its statement the great success in the second test-launch of Hwasong-14 was an exciting victory that demonstrated to the world the might of the DPRK as a nuclear power in the East and that it is a warning to the U.S. and other hostile forces hell-bent on the sanctions and pressure campaign.
It went on:
The DPRK succeeded in the ICBM test-launches one after another, but the U.S. is crying out for a war and extreme sanctions, failing to judge the situation properly.
The U.S. should act with discretion, properly understanding the strategic position of the DPRK, which emerged a world-level nuclear and rocket power, and the will of its army and people to take a retaliatory punishment to the U.S.
The Nigeria-Korea Friendship Association said:
The DPRK, through the second ICBM test-launch, displayed its capability to carry out a surprise ICBM launch at any region and place at anytime and clearly proved that the whole mainland of the U.S. is within striking range of the DPRK.
If the U.S. resorts to the military adventure and “toughest sanctions” despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK, it can never escape the disastrous consequences.
We resolutely condemn all the U.S. policies hostile toward the DPRK.
We extend support and solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle to defend the sovereignty.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevinschoenmakersnl/5537149756/

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