S. Korean Authorities Urged to Send Back DPRK Women

Pyongyang, August 16 (KCNA) — Recent revelation puts it that the south Korean puppet authorities are cooking up a story to give impression that the DPRK women whom they keep in custody in south Korea after forcibly taking them to it have “settled there and lead a stable life” according to their will, by way of forcing them into “coercive marriage”.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in a commentary says this is a thrice-cursed crime disregarding human ethics and nation and a vicious challenge to the DPRK’s demand for their repatriation.
The news analyst goes on:
The south Korean authorities are resorting to a sordid farce to keep the DPRK women in south Korea in a coercive manner. This clearly proves that their much-touted “dialogue” and “humanitarianism” are just hypocrisy to mislead the public opinion and that their intention is to calm down the DPRK’s demand for repatriation and to stand in confrontation with it.
It will be a misjudgment for the south Korean authorities if they think they can cover up the truth behind forcible kidnapping of the DPRK women and evade the repatriation issue through such dirty farce. They should clearly understand that the more they drag on the time, the more it will be unfavorable for them.
They are setting afloat groundless assertions and resorting to a sleight of hand to evade the repatriation of the DPRK women. This will only touch off stronger indignation of the DPRK and demand from inside and outside for the repatriation. This will also cause deserved punishment.
The south Korean authorities should immediately send back Kim Ryon Hui who is wishing for her return to the fold of the DPRK after her having been taken to the south by trick and deception. They should pay heed to the right advice of the DPRK that they will be made to lose everything if they delay the repatriation of those whom they kidnapped to the south.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15312131175/

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