S. Korean Body Demands Annulment of “Agreement” over Sexual Slavery for Imperial Japanese Army

Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) — The foundation for preserving justice for the settlement of the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army in south Korea held a press conference for the annulment of 2015 south Korea-Japan agreement, disbandment of the foundation for reconciliation and recovery, redemption of one billion yen and announcement of fund-raising campaign among 1 million citizens. “

The speakers denounced the “government” for concluding the “agreement” over the sexual slavery issue with Japan which shunned the urgent cry of the victims.
They demanded the present authorities nullify the “agreement” and disband the “foundation for reconciliation and recovery”.
They appealed to the citizens to take an active part in the fund-raising campaign to return one billion yen which the “government” got from the Japanese government, stressing that the authorities are reading the face of Japan over the sexual slavery issue.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15311156372/

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