No Force on Earth Can Block Advance of DPRK: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) — The U.S. has slapped the harshest sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK while branding its steps to bolster up the nuclear force for self-defense as “threat and provocation to the world”. This is a revelation of the sinister imperialist intention to stifle the DPRK at any cost, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in an article.

It goes on:
The U.S. is seriously mistaken if it thinks that the army and people of the DPRK would flinch from the path chosen by themselves, being browbeaten by the U.S. threat and bluff.
It is the truth and law of history that no one can conquer the army and people of the DPRK who turned out in the battle to defend their country under the guidance of the great leader with belief in the justice of their cause and their strength.
The army and people of the DPRK have kept it as faith that the road of independence, Songun and socialism is the one of victory despite their exposure to the harshest sanctions in the world blamed on the UN “sanctions resolution” fabricated by the U.S. several times for the past several decades.
A country steadfast in the independent spirit can be a powerful country regardless of the number of population and the size of territory, and become strong to emerge victorious in any battle.
The army and people of the DPRK replete with the same spirit of defending the country as was displayed in the 1950s could build the world-level military power by defeating all moves of the heinous imperialists to stifle and isolate the DPRK.
Definite is the U.S. defeat.
No one can match the ranks advancing in the same thought and intent, based on single-minded unity in which the leader believes in the people and the people trust and follow the leader.
The U.S. should clearly understand who its rival is, though belatedly.
No one on earth can block the victorious advance of the DPRK.

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