Rodong Sinmun Praises Kim Jong Un’s Feats for Bolstering Nuclear Force

Pyongyang, August 31 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Thursday runs an article praising the feats of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for bolstering the state nuclear force.

The world-startling events in July demonstrating the dignity of the DPRK which turned into a possessor of strongest ICBM in a short period are a fruition of the energetic leadership of Kim Jong Un who gave full play to the strong mental power of scientists in the field of national defence, the article says, and goes on:
The Supreme Leader unfolded a grand plan for bolstering the strategic nuclear force and has energetically led the officials, scientists and technicians in the field of research of rocket so that they can settle in our own way all processes and important factors ranging from design and manufacture of ICBM to its test-fire on the Juche-oriented stand.
He weathered all difficulties in the van for bolstering the state nuclear force with the death-defying will and great ambition to turn our country into an ICBM possessor.
He put forward the scientists in the field of national defence as loyal subjects of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), showing warm love and benevolence for them. And he made a strategic decision to further wring the neck of the Yankees when all the people celebrated the possession of ICBM and encouraged the scientists to achieve bigger victory by conducting successive offensive in the spirit of the “July 4 revolution”.
The DPRK will shine forever as the nuclear power of Juche, a world-level military power, thanks to the undying feats of Kim Jong Un for building up the state nuclear force and the devoted efforts of the scientists in the field of national defence who are perfectly and strictly implementing the plan of the WPK Central Committee for turning the country into a strategic nuclear power.

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