KCNA Commentary Blasts S. Korean Regime’s Reckless Moves

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) — The south Korean puppet forces are talking about “conception of offensive operation” against the DPRK.

Recently, the chief executive of south Korea grumbled about the delayed establishment of the “triad strike system” and impossible exercise of OPECON despite the rapidly developing nuclear and missile capabilities of the north. He cried out for stepping up the structural renovation of the army to help it carry out an “offensive operation” in case the north makes a “beyond-the-red-line provocation” or attacks the “capital area.”
The puppet military of south Korea is hyping the establishment of “conception of executing an offensive war on the Korean peninsula.”
This is no more than an outcry and stupidity of losers stunned by the DPRK’s nuclear force bolstered in quality and quantity.
The puppet forces are ridiculously bluffing, unaware of the strategic position of the DPRK and their wretched position.
The DPRK, advancing under the great banner of the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts, is demonstrating its might as a dignified nuclear power and world-famous military power.
Its ballistic rockets are soaring into the sky one after another to strangle the U.S., despite the harshest sanctions and pressure.
Then, what about the plight of the puppets? They are no more than colonial servants and cannon fodder of the U.S.
In that context, the chief executive’s grumblings about impossible exercise of OPECON sound like an acknowledgment of that poor plight and an expression of his discontent about the present U.S.-south Korea relations.
The puppet forces should get an approval of the U.S. if they want to increase a bit their missile range or weight of warheads, to say nothing of OPECON.
It is a great irony that the puppet forces, which cannot fire even a single bullet without an approval of the U.S., are talking about “executing a war” on their own initiative.
Although south Korea takes over OPECON, the U.S. will command its air force and navy in contingency. That means the U.S. forces will take the core right to command.
Skeptical is about what the puppet forces would do on their initiative under that situation.
They should know where they stand and behave with prudence.
It only provokes a side-splitting laughter that the puppet forces lacking power dare talk about “offensive operation” now that even their master U.S. is having a hard time, exasperated by the tremendous might of the DPRK.
Their reckless moves only reveal their weakness. They should be mindful that their talk about “offensive” will only lead them to destruction.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1268957999/

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