Contributors to H-bomb Test Visit Korean Revolution Museum

Pyongyang, September 8 (KCNA) — Contributors to the successful test of H-bomb for ICBM visited the Korean Revolution Museum on Thursday.

At the main hall of the museum they paid tribute to an art work depicting President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.
Being briefed on the fact that it was built into the best revolutionary museum and a great treasure house of the Korean nation, they went round its rooms where historical mementoes and data are on display.
Going round the halls dealing with the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the Fatherland Liberation War and the period of laying the foundations of socialism, etc. they recalled the revolutionary career of the President who founded the Juche idea, the Songun idea, led the two revolutionary wars and two-stage social revolution and socialist construction to victories and laid a foundation for the self-reliant defence capabilities.
They also went round the historical mementoes and exhibits associated with the exploits Kim Jong Il performed to protect the destiny of the country and the nation and accomplish the great cause of having access to nukes.
And they looked round the room “The Great Leaders and Comrade-in-Arms” showing the great leaders’ trust and love for the revolutionary comrades and the loyalty of soldiers to the leaders.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mardruck/8230233912/

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