National Exhibition of IT Successes 2017 Opens in DPRK

Pyongyang, September 11 (KCNA) — The national exhibition of IT successes 2017 opened with due ceremony at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House here on Monday.

On display there are IT successes and products presented by several hundred units, including commissions, ministries, national institutions, provincial people’s committees, industrial establishments and IT units.
The exhibition, divided into five panels such as IT industry and IT education, will be held in forms of exhibition, presentation of new products and technologies and IT exchange and service.
It will examine the sci-tech successes made in the course of putting industrial establishments on an IT basis, and their economic efficiency and introduction and select model IT-based units, the ten best IT enterprises and the ten best IT products.
Present at the opening ceremony were Kim Ki Nam, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, leading officials of commissions, ministries and national institutions, officials concerned and officials of those units participating in the exhibition.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lawrenceyeah/15575606159/

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