Japan’s Security Depends on Its Attitude: Minju Joson

Pyongyang, September 17 (KCNA) — The Japanese reactionaries came under fire by Minju Joson, a leading newspaper of the DPRK, Sunday for going mischievous, describing the measures taken by the DPRK for self-defense as “threats” to peace and their security.

The chief executive and other riff-raffs of Japan assert that north Korea’s deed should not be allowed, calling on the international community to tighten pressure on it.
Commenting on the facts, the paper says the recent military actions taken by the DPRK were just steps for self-defence to defend the sovereignty of the country and the security of the people from the U.S. isolation moves.
The DPRK had access to a nuclear force to end the aggressive nuclear threat from the U.S. However, the Japanese reactionaries assert that it poses “threat” to Japan’s security. This far-fetched assertion can not be construed otherwise than an anti-DPRK provocation, the paper says, and continues:
The Japanese reactionaries seek to secure a pretext for realizing their ambition for turning their country into a military giant and create a favorable condition for militarist overseas expansion by rendering the theory of “threats” and “provocation” from the DPRK extremely dangerous.
It is the unanimous will of the army and people of the DPRK to smash the Japanese reactionaries keen on meeting their own interests by sacrificing the interests of the Korean nation.
Japan had better be careful in words, mindful that it is no problem for the DPRK to teach Japan a serious lesson as it has even the U.S. within its striking range.

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