DPRK’s Step for Bolstering Nuclear Deterrent Is Just: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, September 19 (KCNA) — The U.S. is beefing up its forces in Asia-Pacific.

Recently it forward deployed super-large amphibious craft capable of carrying F-35B Stealth fighters and more than 2 000 marines in its 7th fleet based in Japan.
Tripoli with a displacement of 45 000 tons has entered into the full-scale preparations for battle. Next spring, amphibious craft Portland will officially be put into commission to go operational in the Pacific.
The U.S. is also mulling increasing the number of strategic nuclear subs while calling for bolstering the combat capabilities of its navy.
Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article says that this is aimed to overwhelm regional rivals with a military edge and thus hold hegemony.
Remaining unchanged is the U.S. strategy to contain big powers in Asia-Pacific and establish domination in the region, and the U.S. regards it as its priority task to invade the DPRK, the article says, and goes on:
Peace on the Korean peninsula is related to peace in Northeast Asia and the world.
Whether a war is averted or not here is a vital issue related to the world peace and the destiny of mankind. The DPRK holds such a heavy mission as it stands in direct confrontation with the U.S., the world’s biggest nuclear weapons state.
It is the invariable stand and goal of the DPRK to ensure peace on the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia. The only way of realizing this is to contain the U.S. nuclear war moves through powerful war deterrence.
The situation calls on the DPRK to step up the bolstering of war deterrence.
The article says that just are the measures for bolstering nuclear deterrence of the DPRK and this can never be subject to any dispute.

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