KCNA Commentary on True Colors of An Chol Su

Pyongyang, September 19 (KCNA) — An Chol Su, who was recently elected representative of the “Kukmin Party” at its congress, is in tune with the conservative forces, fully taking off the mask of “middle-of-the road politician”.

He claimed that “the priority task given by the people is to contain arrogance and self-righteousness of the government,” calling for directing efforts to holding in check the misbehavior of the government”. He hatched a plot with those conservative opposition parties such as “Liberal Korea Party” and “Parun Party” in an attempt to seek “cooperation in parliament” and “policy solidarity”.
He is trying to curry favor with the people in the Honam region by saying that the present government neglects the region at a time when “local self-government election” is set to be held next year. At the same time he openly reveals his intention to keep his remaining days in reliance on the conservative forces, spreading the fiction that solidarity with the “Parun Party” in election and merger of parties would be possible.
In particular, he branded the ICBM test launch and H-bomb test in the DPRK as “act of those bereft of reason” and “delusion”. He joined conservatives in claiming that “south Korea should not beg the north for dialogue but send a resolute and clear message like harsh sanctions based on the alliance with the U.S.”
In this regard, south Korean media, experts and politicians say that An Chol Su betrayed himself and that the “Kukmin Party” is the second company of conservative opposition parties.
From the very day he went in for politics, south Koreans from different social standings branded him as an unidentified man, greedy power seeker and narrow-minded philistine.
Under the situation, he is trying to collude with moribund conservatives. This proves that he is a foolish politician and power-seeker without his own views and creed.
Now the conservative forces are on the verge of destruction with storm in a teacup.
His is a foolish act to give the conservatives a way to rebirth and betrayal of successes won through candlelight demonstrations.
The south Korean people keep a watchful eye on An Chol Su and the “Kukmin Party” the approval rate for which is no more than four percent.
A party forsaken by the people has no value and space to exist.
It is quite natural that south Koreans from all walks of life including the forces for democracy and reform should keep up vigilance against veer to the right-wing conservatism of the “Kukmin Party,” a club of betrayals and a cloud of migratory birds.
An Chol Su and his clan obsessed with greed for power and partisan interests make no scruple of turning to the conservatives. They will not escape the stern punishment by history and people as the most despicable traitors.

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