Kim Jong Suk’s Brilliant Life

Pyongyang, September 21 (KCNA) — Just after Korea’s liberation from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists, Saegil Sinmun (newspaper at that time) carried an article.

The article said that through fierce tiger-like activities in the vast Manchurian plain with his great intention for national liberation General Kim Il Sung struck terror into the hearts of the Japanese warlords and demonstrated his valor. He is indeed a revolutionary produced by Korea. He is acting in Pyongyang in good health, it added.
One day of November Juche 34 (1945), reporters of Saegil Sinmun called on anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk, wanting to hear her stories as she defeated one million Japanese imperialists in the vast Manchurian plain.
She declined their request, saying they should write about Kim Il Sung who led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory. And she told them about his greatness, outstanding strategies and tactics for long hours.
She requested them to explain well his lines and policies so that the masses turn out as one in the building of a new country.
The desire of the reporters to give wide publicity to her feats was not realized.
Newspaper carrying this press interview was distributed to North Hamgyong Province, Pyongyang and all other parts of the country to evoke a great response among the people.
Such looks of Kim Jong Suk, who upheld Kim Il Sung’s cause of nation-building with loyalty after the liberation of Korea, too, as the safeguard, is instilling deep into the hearts of the Korean people the truth that the life of revolutionary shines only under the care of the leader.

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