KCNA Commentary Rejects U.S. Double-dealing Standards

Pyongyang, September 23 (KCNA) — The situation of the Korean peninsula goes to clearly prove the brigandish double-dealing standards of the U.S. and its vassal forces.

The UN Security Council did not utter even a single word about the joint military drills staged by the U.S., the source of vicious cycle of tension in the Korean peninsula and the region, and its vassal forces. But, it cooked up such anti-DPRK criminal documents as “sanctions resolutions” and “press statements” one after another over the DPRK’s measures for self-defense.
This is a mockery at mankind aspiring after justice and peace and the height of double-dealing standards.
In an article contributed to the Canadian internet paper Global Research on Sept. 16, Carla Stea, its correspondent at the UN, said:
There is now a discernible pattern to the U.S. manipulation of the UNSC. On Sept. 9, the NATO chief said north Korea is a global threat and requires a global response; and that, of course, also includes NATO.
North Korea needs nuclear defenses to protect itself from violent aggression by the south Korea-U.S. axis.
The U.S. ambassador, many of the Security Council members, willingly or unwillingly and many others elsewhere are, it seems, deliberately refusing to respect, nor take responsibility for the horrifying massacre of 3-4 million north Koreans between 1950-1953, and ignore fact that the ongoing menace of south Korean and U.S. military threats are inflicting an unendurable state of terror upon north Koreas.
This is a fair comment on what is happening on the Korean peninsula.
The anti-DPRK “sanctions resolutions” and “press statements” adopted at the UNSC are criminal documents as they contained the U.S. sinister intention to isolate and stifle the DPRK at any cost from A to Z, far from justice to be regarded as a legal foundation and the principle of respect for the rights and duties prescribed in international treaties.
Neither UN Charter nor international law stipulates judicial ground that nuke and ballistic missile tests pose a threat to global peace and security.
As a matter of fact, those countries which conducted such tests much earlier than the DPRK have never been put into question at the UNSC.
The U.S. is seeking to bring down the ideology and social system chosen by the Korean people by disarming the DPRK and suffocating it economically through the UNSC’s “sanctions resolutions” which lacks any propriety of international law.
The DPRK’s steps for bolstering up the nuclear deterrent do not pose any threat to global peace and security, but the U.S. reckless saber-rattling for igniting a nuclear war getting on the serious nerves of our state is the threat to global peace and security.
If the U.S. is allowed to realize its ambition to dominate the world by applying the double-dealing standards on the international arena, justice and truth will be stamped out and the world turned into a mayhem of jungle law.
Such unjust action to trample down the sovereignty of the DPRK with double-dealing standards can never be allowed.

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