Minju Joson Denounces An Chol Su for His Act of Treachery

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) — An Chol Su, representative of the “Kukmin Party” of south Korea, is engrossed in act of treachery blatantly challenging the trend of the times and candlelight mindset of the people, fully taking off the mask of “middle-of-the road politician” in quest of power.

Minju Joson Sunday in a commentary observes in this regard:
It is a widely known fact that people of various circles in south Korea criticized An Chol Su as a “politician of nature remaining ambiguous” and “political snob who is greedy for power and narrow-minded” from the very day he appeared in the political camp.
He worked with bloodshot eyes to become the representative of the “Kukmin Party”, a party of migratory birds and group of political tricksters, which go shameless without judging the consequences, obsessed with partisan interests and greed for power. Such fact shows well what he is like.
As soon as he took the office of the representative, he played a duet fiddle with the conservative group, letting out reckless confrontation remarks against the fellow countrymen in the north. His ill-natured behavior is nothing different from traitor Park Geun Hye and her conspirators.
It is needless to say that what An is doing is acts of treachery without parallel as they help pave the way for the groups of the conservative opposition parties on the brink of collapse and trample down the achievements of the candlelight actions.

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