DPRK Will Do Its Best for Unity of G77: Head of DPRK Delegation

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) — Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, head of the DPRK delegation, made an address at the ministerial meeting of the G77 held in the UN Headquarters on Sept. 22.

The “Post 2015 Development Agenda”, adopted at the Summit Conference in 2015 marking the 70th anniversary of the UN, is an action program of mankind that pledges to wipe out social inequality and poverty on a global scale and build a world that ensures affluent life for not only our generation but the coming generations as well, he said, adding:
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea considers the goals set forth in the Post 2015 Development Agenda to be in line with its policy for the construction of a thriving socialist nation and is actively involved in the global efforts towards achieving them.
For the DPRK which set the building of a socialist power, the ideal and dream of its people, as the ultimate goal, a peaceful environment is crucial.
Unfortunately in the international arena, a certain country which seeks to retain its declining position as a “superpower” at any cost is continuously taking illegal and inhumane actions to obliterate not only the right to development of a sovereign state but also its right to existence.
Not satisfied with threatening the DPRK with military force, the U.S. tries to impose economic blockade on it to stifle its overall economy, calling for “stronger international action”.
The U.S. is begging and forcing other countries to implement the “sanctions resolutions” adopted by the UNSC against the DPRK. Then, the bottom line is, where does the legal basis for these “resolutions” lie?
UN member states should, as a matter of course, thoroughly assess the lawfulness of these resolutions before getting down to implementing the “sanction resolutions”.
The “sanctions resolutions” cooked up by the U.S. with the help of UNSC are an epitome of double standard and a product of the anti-DPRK hostile policy of the U.S. and its strategy for world dominance which aim at dominating the entire Korean peninsula and realizing world dominance.
The DPRK’s reason for never recognizing the UNSC’s “sanctions resolutions” and rejecting them as illegal documents is founded on this legal basis of international laws.
As long as the U.S. persists in arbitrariness and high-handedness, interference in others’ internal affairs and acts of aggression, scorning and antagonizing other countries’ political systems with unilateral standards and notions, the goals set forth in the Post 2015 Development Agenda for the welfare of mankind can never be attained.
The DPRK government will continue to fulfill its duty towards ensuring the unity of G77 to establish a new international economic order based on justice, equality and fairness by strengthening solidarity with all countries that advocate independence under the banner of independence against imperialism.

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