Minju Joson Denounces “LKP” for Its Treacherous Acts

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) — Recently gentries of the “Liberal Korea Party” of south Korea set the relocation of the U.S. tactical nuclear weapons as “something to be discussed within the party”, talking about “exercise of the right to self-defense to cope with the north’s nuclear weapons” and claiming that “it is necessary to counter nuclear weapons in kind.” And they are busy sending a “letter” to Trump, dispatching a “special parliamentary group” to the U.S. and launching a “10 million signature campaign”. In particular, traitor Hong Jun Phyo, representative of the party, asserted that if the “relocation of the U.S. tactical nuclear weapons” is not realized, south Korea should “develop nukes of its own accord”.

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Thursday says that the “LKP’s” moves to introduce the U.S. tactical nuclear weapons can never be allowed as treachery aimed to turn the inviolable land of Korea and its nation into the victims of the U.S. nuclear war.
Their reckless deeds are a manifestation of the wicked design to get rid of their crisis by rallying the conservatives under the pretext of “security,” the commentary says, and goes on:
In order to gratify their greed for power, the gentries of the “LKP” sent a “special parliamentary group” to the U.S. to curry favor with their American master keen to sell more weapons to south Korea, in defiance of protest and denunciation of the people from all walks of life, and begged for the “relocation of tactical nuclear weapons”.
The “LKP” is, indeed, a group of traitors without an equal in the world and a pronoun of shame.
It is quite natural that south Korean people of all standings are pressing for dissolution of this party, a group of traitors, rejecting its begging for “relocation of tactical nuclear weapons”.

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