DPRK Will Keep to Path of Simultaneously Developing Two Fronts: Minju Joson

Pyongyang, October 10 (KCNA) — Old lunatic of the U.S. Trump, speaking at the 72nd UN General Assembly, unhesitatingly spit out such rubbish that he would “totally destroy” the DPRK, something unbecoming for a politician.

Minju Joson Tuesday in a commentary terms the unprecedented wild remarks in UN history a hideous politically-motivated provocation as they are not his personal view but revealed the U.S. imperialists’ sinister intention to put Korea under its control and dominate the world.
The commentary goes on:
At the theatre for discussing world peace and security, the U.S. conducted high-handed and arbitrary practices calling for war. This reminds us of the truth of history that a leopard never changes its spots.
The DPRK is a full-fledged UN member nation and a sovereign state. Yet, the U.S. is crying out for “total destruction” with inveterate repugnance against the DPRK. Such a bullying act only hardens our conviction that we were quite right when we chose the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts.
The U.S. frantic farce against the DPRK is a clear proof that the path chosen by the DPRK was right and it is the path of independence and justice leading to a victory.
Now that our option was proven to be right, we will keep to it to the last.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15312157355/

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