WPK Encouraging Cause of Global Independence

Pyongyang, October 10 (KCNA) — The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) has dynamically encouraged the cause of global independence since its foundation.

It can be well proved through the historical facts that had been witnessed in the closing years of the last century.
Before and after the collapse of socialism in some countries of the world, the international ideological and theoretical view on socialism was led to a great confusion.
At that time, leader Kim Jong Il, eternal general secretary of the WPK, issued famous work “Socialism Is a Science” in November Juche 83 (1994).
His outstanding ideological and theoretical activities proved the truth that the man-centered socialism, socialism centered on the masses, is the most scientific, superior and powerful socialism and socialism is sure to win, thus instilling into peoples of the countries aspiring after socialism the confidence in its victory.
At the initiative proposition of the WPK, the Pyongyang Declaration was signed in April 1992, which served as a joint action program of the revolutionary parties of the world in defending and advancing the cause of socialism, dealt a heavy blow at the anti-socialist moves of the imperialists and encouraged the progressive mankind in the struggle to rebuild socialism.
Even in the period of unprecedented difficulties when the anti-socialist offensive of hostile forces was focused on the DPRK, the WPK demonstrated all over the world that socialism and justice are still breathing on the earth and their might are much stronger than the imperialists’ high-handed and arbitrary practices.
Thanks to the independent politics and Songun (military-first) leadership of the WPK, the DPRK has resolutely frustrated the imperialists’ nuclear threat and blackmail in the confrontation with the U.S. not only in the 20th century but also in the 21st century to demonstrate its might as a responsible nuclear weapons state and nuclear power.

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