S. Korean Regime Hit for Trumpeting about Dialogue in Parallel with Enforcement of Sanctions and Pressure

Pyongyang, October 11 (KCNA) — Some days ago, the south Korean chief executive said at a meeting with representatives of four ruling and opposition parties that “they should put pressure upon the north through cooperation with the U.S. and leave the door open for further dialogue.” He in the meantime let a spokesman for Chongwadae assert that “they have stressed dialogue for peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue of the north and are pushing forward it together with sanctions and pressure”.

A vice-minister of Unification and a special assistant to Chongwadae for unification, diplomacy and security affairs are trumpeting about “dialogue in parallel with enforcement of sanctions and pressure”, saying that “sanctions and pressure are not contradictory to dialogue and negotiations”.
Commenting on these outbursts, Minju Joson Wednesday says that their remarks are sheer sophism that does not deserve even a passing note.
Disclosing the sinister aims sought by the puppet forces in making such sophism, the commentary says:
Sanctions mean confrontation and, accordingly, can not go together with dialogue based on respect and trust in rival party.
It is unreasonable to talk about “dialogue” while resorting to “sanctions and pressure” against fellow countrymen, and this is an act of denying dialogue and blocking the road to it.
Dialogue and contact aimed at nuclear dismantlement of the DPRK and sanctions and pressure upon it can never be allowed.
If the south Korean authorities sincerely want dialogue between the north and the south, they should oppose and reject the Trump group’s hostile policy towards the DPRK, instead of trumpeting about ” dialogue in parallel with enforcement of sanctions and pressure” pursuant to the aggressive outsiders, and stop the treacherous act of joining in the barbarous “sanctions” against the fellow countrymen and prioritize the nation and do things beneficial to the fellow countrymen.

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