Mangyongdae Revolutionary School

Pyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) — 70 years have passed after Mangyongdae Revolutionary School for bereaved children of revolutionary martyrs was founded in the DPRK.

The school in Mangyongdae, the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung, was built under the sponsorship of the President.
Despite the claims of his busy life after the liberation of Korea from Japan’s colonial rule, he took measures to find out helpless bereaved children of revolutionary martyrs and bring all of them to the school, and declared the foundation of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School on October 12, Juche 36(1947).
After its foundation, he often visited the school and took warm care of bereaved children and spent holidays with them.
Anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk also showed great affection for them, while paying deep attention to every aspect of their living from uniform to diet, in order to bring up them to be pillars of the country capable of succeeding to the Juche revolution.
Even in the period of the Arduous March, the forced march, the children at Mangyongdae Revolutionary School had led a happy life under the warm care of leader Kim Jong Il.
On the morning of New Year’s Day in 1997, he visited the school to show paternal love for them. And he sent the historic letter “Mangyongdae Revolutionary School Is the Training Centre of the Backbone that will Succeed to the Juche Blood” on the occasion of its 50th founding anniversary.
Today the school shines resplendently as the one and only revolutionary school in the world under the care of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
In January 2012 when visiting the school, Kim Jong Un said that he came to the school before anything else to see the children at the school who were ardently missing for Kim Jong Il, and showed paternal love for them.
He paid a visit to the school again on the Tree-planting Day of this year and said that the school is the one of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, every corner of which is closely associated with their loving care for children, and the children at the school are always present in his mind.
Indeed, the 70 year-long history of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School is the one of the great loving care shown by the peerless great men who have brought up the bereaved children of revolutionary fighters to be reliable pillars of the country.

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