Minju Joson Blasts Trump’s Hysterical Remarks

Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) — Shortly ago U.S. President Trump let loose such rubbish that the past “dialogue” with the DPRK proved ineffective but “one thing will work”.

Earlier, he hinted “severe counteraction” to the DPRK, trumpeting about “silence on the eve of a storm” at the meeting with military officials.
Commenting on the fact, Minju Joson Sunday says:
Trump cried out for “total destruction and extermination” of the DPRK and its people, causing strong rebuff and criticism at home and abroad. He again let out such rubbish, only to betray more clearly his nature as an old lunatic.
His unsolvable rashness is little short of jargon of a cruel ruffian, political rogue much upset by the DPRK’s toughest offensive against the U.S., and his mad acts prove rhetorically who is the very one that adds to fear of the American citizens concerned for security of their mainland.
Cowardly dogs bark much and a dog’s bark will never make a camel go astray.
As already clarified, no matter what others may say and how tough the U.S sanctions are, the DPRK will not stop even a moment the efforts to beef its nuclear force until equilibrium of force with the U.S. has been achieved.
If the U.S. misunderstands the trend of the times and dares opt for a military provocation, its land will be immediately scorched by the DPRK’s merciless nuclear retaliatory strike and its vassal force, the south Korean puppet forces, will have to pay a high price.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bumix2000/4907582680/

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