WPK Lauded by Iranian and Russian Media

Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) — Iranian and Russian media gave special write-ups to the 20th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il’s election as general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and its 72nd birthday.

They carried a portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il and photos of the illustrious great men of Mt Paektu.
The Iranian Ilna reported that the WPK’s politics is politics of independence, Songun and benevolence, citing detailed facts to prove it.
The October issue of the Russian newspaper Serp I Molot said in an article titled “DPRK Marks October 10, 72nd Founding Anniversary of the WPK” that the WPK’s 72-year long history is the one in which the party has kept the people’s interests above all and steadily improved their living.
The newspaper Zavtra edited articles under such titles as “Kim Jong Il, His Immortal Party-building Exploits”, “Leader Kim Jong Un’s Spirit” and “The Invincible WPK” from October 8 to 12.
The newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda and Zebri Deve, an online paper of Khabarovsk Territory, carried articles of several titles such as “Kim Jong Un, He Is Chairman of the WPK” and “The DPRK Greets the 72nd Anniversary of the WPK with Nuclear Weapons Taming the U.S.” from October 5 to 10.
The Russia’s online magazine Lemchich carried an article titled “Mother Party” on October 9.
The 69th issue of the newspaper Nizhegorodskaya Pravda devoted one whole page to an article titled “Comrade Kim Jong Un Is the Symbol of the Invincible WPK”, which said: The factor of the invincibility of the WPK lies in the guiding idea, steel-like unity and cohesion of the whole party and the people’s absolute support and trust.

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