DPRK Delegate’s Speech at Fourth Committee of 72nd UNGA

Pyongyang, October 19 (KCNA) — A DPRK delegate addressed the Fourth Committee of the 72nd UN General Assembly on Oct. 17 which discussed “international cooperation in peaceful use of outer space”.

He said:
Today, propelling the development of the economy through the exploration of outer space is becoming an international trend. In my country, too, under the coordinated leadership of the state, peaceful development of outer space is actively conducted in accordance with the 2016-2020 plan for national outer space development.
In accordance with the 5-year plan for national outer space development, the DPRK will launch many more practical satellites that can contribute to the economic development and improvement of the people’s living including geostationary satellite.
The DPRK government is making active efforts to achieve peaceful development of outer space while paying deep attention to the international exchanges and cooperation in the field of outer space on the basis of equality and mutual benefits.
As a party to several space treaties, the DPRK’s outer space development activities are completely on legal basis in all aspects. However, the U.S. going frantic to illegalize our development of outer space, claiming that it is against the anti-DPRK “sanctions resolutions” of the UNSC.
Those “sanctions resolution” cooked by the U.S. are no more than illegal documents that denounced peaceful launch of satellites as a “threat to international peace and security”.
The U.S. is the country that launched the largest number of satellites and yet it claims that our launch of satellites is a “threat to international peace and security”. This is a preposterous allegation and extreme double standards.
Space Treaty clearly states that the outer space is a common asset of humankind and all countries can develop outer space without any discrimination. There is no article in the treaty that has mentioned the launch of satellites constitutes a threat to international peace and security nor is there any article stipulating that one cannot use ballistic rocket technology in launching a satellite.
The U.S. is relying on illegal “resolutions” to make an issue of our righteous and legitimate launch of satellites. This is clearly a violation of international laws and outrageous infringement upon our sovereignty and rights to existence and development.
Our peaceful development of outer space is a legitimate right of a sovereign state acknowledged by the international laws that no one could deny, and the status of the DPRK as a satellite manufacturing and launching state will never be changed though the U.S. denies it.
The DPRK will continue its peaceful development of space conquering greater part of space and strengthen international cooperation and exchanges in the field of artificial satellites.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/triptych64/1864203079/

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