Kim Il Sung’s Alma Mater, Changdok School

Pyongyang, October 28 (KCNA) — Changdok School in Pyongyang, the DPRK is the alma mater closely associated with the revolutionary life of President Kim Il Sung.

It was built by the pioneers of Chilgol area, including his maternal grandfather Kang Ton Uk, when the patriotic enlightenment movement swept the whole country after the “annexation of Korea by Japan” early in 20th century.
Regarding as a motto his father Kim Hyong Jik’s instruction that a Korean must be well versed in his or her country to win back its independence from the Japanese imperialists, the President made the 1 000-ri (250 mile) journey for learning Korea and attended the school from April Juche 12 (1923) to January Juche 14 (1925).
In his schooldays, the President worked hard to learn the mother tongue, history and geography of Korea and was determined to restore its independence while witnessing its gloomy realities and miserable life of its people.
When visiting the school on October 28, 1945 after the country’s liberation from Japan’s colonial rule, he recalled with deep emotion that his days at Changdok School was a significant occasion in his life and the patriotic soul he fostered during the schooldays instilled him a firm confidence and indomitable fighting spirit during the anti-Japanese armed struggle. And he indicated the way ahead of the school.
Now, the school has developed into a model school of the country which has produced many talented students, including International Math Olympiads champions and winners of the July 15 Honor Student Prize.
And a number of achievements have been made in its educational work, so that its students have proved successful at different national school contests every year.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15138038140/

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