Meeting in Japan Demands Payment of Subsidies to Korean Schools

Tokyo, October 28 (KNS-KCNA) — There took place a meeting in Tokyo of Japan on Oct. 25 demanding the resumption of payment of subsidies to Korean schools.

Present there were Ho Jong Man, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, teachers, students and graduates of the Korean High School, their parents, students of the Korean University and members of different organizations of Japan, thousands in all.
Speakers said they would not remain passive toward the hideous attempt of the Japanese regime seeking to disturb the national education, expressing their anger at the unjust judgments made by the Hiroshima District Court and the Tokyo District Court in trials concerning the payment of subsidies for Korean schools.
It is the due responsibility of Japan to support the national education of Koreans as the students of Korean schools are descendents of the Korean nationals who were taken to Japan under the harsh colonial rule by the Japanese imperialists, they said.
Condemning the discrimination and suppression against the Korean schools instilling national pride into their students as the worst crime, they said that the Japanese authorities should feel ashamed about it and stop adding to its past crimes.
Referring to the illegality of the termination of payment of subsidies applied to the Korean schools only, they strongly urged the Japanese regime to resume the payment immediately.
They appealed to the students and teachers of the Korean schools, their parents and other Koreans and Japanese supporters to get firmly united, pool their efforts and carry on their struggle for the victory of justice.
An appeal was read out at the meeting.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rnw/3485316459/

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