S. Korean Body Goes on Hunger Strike in Demand of Lee Myung Bak’s Arrest

Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) — The members of the anti-Lee Myung Bak organization “Commando to Capture Lee Myung Bak” has been on an indefinite hunger strike and signature campaign near his house in demand of his arrest from Oct. 25, according to the south Korean online paper Voice of Seoul.

Upset by the action, the chief of the Office of Kangnam District, Seoul, who is Lee’s cat’s paw, let gangsters take by force the tents for hunger strike and assaulted the participants.
The hunger strikers asked why the body demanding Lee’s arrest must be discontinued while the conservatives’ sit-in strike to have Park Geun Hye released is allowed to go on for scores of days.
They called for throwing traitor Lee into prison at any cost through the indefinite hunger strike.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1268208775/

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