S. Korean Media Censures Political Strife among Opposition Conservatives

Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) — Newsy of south Korea on Oct. 24 censured the conservative opposition parties for trading insults to grab power.

The broadcasting service referred to the festering conflicts between representative Hong Jun Phyo and pro-Park Geun Hye cult in the “Liberal Korea Party” and between representative An Chol Su of the Kukmin Party and its political camp in North and South Jolla provinces over the issue of merging with the “Parun Party” in which its two heavyweights Ryu Sung Min and Kim Mu Song are also at odds over that issue.
Meanwhile, the south Korean newspaper Kukmin Ilbo derided the fierce argument between pro-Park cult and Hong’s cult within the “Liberal Korea Party,” which may lead to a split.

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