Trump Group’s Rhetoric about “Threat” Ridiculed

Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) — The special assistant to the president for National Security of the U.S., when interviewed by ABC recently, said that Trump would never tolerate the DPRK to threaten the U.S. with nuclear weapons and that he made it clear that every option is on the table.

U.S. Pacific Command Chief Harris also said that the consecutive launches of ballistic rockets with various missions carried out by the DPRK including the inter-continental ballistic rockets constitute “threat to the whole world”, adding that “its rockets can head for any direction”.
Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a commentary notes that this is sheer rhetoric aimed to justify the anti-DPRK nuclear war moves and the hostile policy by branding the DPRK as “poser of threats” and “provoker” and evade the responsibility for the escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula.
The Trump group’s vicious vituperation against the DPRK is an expression of their frustration, fear and horror in the face of the speed of the DPRK getting faster and more dynamic despite the harsh pressure put on it by them, the commentary says, and goes on:
The U.S. is making desperate efforts to stop the DPRK from advancing while groundlessly slandering it and posing nuclear blackmail against it but this is futile.
Neither threat nor blackmail of the U.S. can ever stop the DPRK from advancing toward the completion of the state nuclear force.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheridansofasia/6044717318/

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