Japan TV Asahi Blasted for Releasing Misinformation about DPRK: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 2 (KCNA) — Japan is behaving childish while dancing to the tunes of the U.S. keen on stifling the DPRK.

Recently the Japanese authorities let the TV Asahi report that a “pit collapsed” in Phunggye-ri nuclear test ground, claiming lives of a great number of people. They even let it release a false report that the cause of the collapse is thought to be attributable to the “nuclear test”.
This clearly proves that the U.S. and the Japanese reactionaries have gone desperate to slander the DPRK politically and morally, now that they find it hard to check the DPRK’s development of a nuclear force through military threat and barbarous sanctions.
The DPRK, which made the development of a nuclear force at a high stage after having access to even H-bomb with its own efforts and technology, becomes the might representing independence and justice for the world progressive people but deadly sledge-hammer blow to the enemies.
Whenever the DPRK took measures for bolstering the capabilities for self-defence to put a fundamental end to the U.S. hostile policy toward it, the Japanese reactionaries, not knowing where to draw line, spoke for the U.S. and went busy, getting vociferous about “threats” from someone. This is a well-known fact.
It is none other than the Japanese reactionaries who put interceptor missiles on a permanent deployment even within the premises of the government building under the pretext of the ballistic rocket launch by the DPRK. They even mobilized ordinary citizens engaged in their work for livelihood for an evacuation drill, while staging drills for deployment of “Patriot” interceptor missiles one after another.
The Japanese authorities resort to a trite method to convince the public that the national trouble was caused by “nuclear threats” from the DPRK even though it was attributable to the worst government administration. When taking this into account, we can not but take note of one fact which is wide spread across Japan.
There happened the U.S. forces’ helicopter accident in Okinawa recently, reminding one of the accidental fire of nuclear-tipped ground-to-air missile “Nike Hercules” by the U.S. forces there in 1959, and this has put the Japanese authorities into hot water.
The Okinawa Prefectural governor on Oct. 24 asserted that “it is trouble of Okinawa that it is suffering such damage from the state”, claiming that there are no probe into the cause nor measure for improvement from the U.S. forces even though there occurs U.S. helicopter accidents one after another in the prefecture.
The controversial report about misinformation is also part of the Japanese reactionaries’ clumsy trick to divert elsewhere the heated-up public attention.
Several media openly complain, branding the Japanese reactionaries’ moves to render the fictitious story about “threat from the north” extremely serious as a frivolous act peculiar to Japan aimed to justify their arms buildup.
Clear is the aim sought by Japan.
They seek to secure a pretext for sending the Japan “Self-Defense Forces” into the Korean peninsula on their own initiative by building up the public opinion over “nuclear threat” from the DPRK and thus create a foundation for realizing the ambition for overseas expansion.
The Japanese reactionaries behaving mischievous while clinging to the coattail of the U.S. should clearly understand the strategic position of the DPRK which has reached the highest stage, and face up to the situation and should refrain from going reckless by citing the DPRK as a pretext.
If catastrophic consequences beyond imagination are entailed by the shower of retaliatory fire, the TV Asahi will also be made to pay a dear price for its sordid act as it resorts to smear campaign, not discerning the trend of the times.

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