Russian Political Party Supports Korean People’s Cause of Justice

Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) — The 14th plenary meeting of the Khabarovsk Territorial Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation adopted a decision to support the just cause of the Korean people.

The decision recalled that the situation on the Korean peninsula is getting worse day by day owing to the U.S. ceaseless provocation moves targeting the DPRK.
It branded U.S. President Trump’s bellicose remark of “total destruction” of the DPRK at the UN stage as a grave threat to the latter’s sovereignty and security, calling his reckless remark an open declaration of war against the sovereign state as it wantonly violates the UN Charter.
It goes on:
The touch-and-go situation has now come to the Korean peninsula because the U.S. and its allies have stepped up war threat and unreasonable sanctions against the peace-loving Korean people.
The DPRK has beefed up its defense capabilities and had access to nuclear deterrent in a bid to cope with any invasion by hostile forces.
Socialism is the most proper way and the DPRK’s experience draws attention of the world, the decision said, stressing:
1. We flatly condemn all sorts of military pressure and sanctions against the DPRK.
2. We protest the hostile acts of the U.S. and its allies as they destabilize the situation of the Korean peninsula.
3. We express support to the cause of the DPRK to protect its sovereignty and gains of socialism.
4. We will conduct more brisk solidarity movement with the DPRK and inform the people of the Khabarovsk territory of the DPRK’s reality through the party’s publications and mass media.

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