S. Korean Defense Minister’s Remarks Denounced

Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) — Traitor Song Yong Mu, puppet defense minister of south Korea, unhesitatingly spat out such reckless remarks as “collapse of the north” at the recent “parliamentary inspection of the administration”.

Song was the first one who talked about “collapse of the north” since the appearance of the present authorities of south Korea, Rodong Sinmun Monday says in a commentary.
Branding his reckless remarks as intolerable mud-slinging at the dignity and social system of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the commentary goes on:
Song, steeped in flunkeyism and treachery to the marrow of his bones, is a poor lackey of the U.S. prolonging his remaining days by serving the U.S. master. How can such stooge point an accusing finger at the dignity of the DPRK?
He seems like a dog barking together with its master. When the old lunatic of the White House vociferated about “total destruction”, “the only one effective way” and “full readiness”, Song ran amuck to echo what his master raved.
The north-south relations have not freed from the catastrophe and the situation on the Korean peninsula is driven to an extreme pitch of tension although the conservative regime was replaced by the new one as the vicious confrontation maniacs like Song are allowed to ride roughshod in the present south Korean regime.
It is urgent to throw overboard such traitors obsessed with confrontation at any cost. If such hooligans spitting out a flurry of invective against the DPRK are allowed to go scot-free, a war would break out finally.
The south Korean authorities should behave themselves, bearing in mind that they would suffer a big disaster owing to such fools as Song who cannot hold their tongues.

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