Minju Joson Reveals Abe Regime’s Earlier General Election

Pyongyang, November 7 (KCNA) — There was the election for the members of the House of Representatives in Japan on Oct. 22. In the election which was held earlier than scheduled the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito Party coalition won, making Abe’s long-term stay in office possible.

After the election dignitaries including Abe discussed the issue of the constitutional revision before others. Japanese Prime Minister Abe and Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga identified their intention to buckle down to the detailed procedures for the constitutional revision.
Commenting on the fact, Minju Joson Tuesday says that the basic purpose sought by the Abe regime when it dismissed the House of Representatives earlier and held the general election was to revise the “pacifist constitution”.
The news analyst goes on:
It has been a political goal sought by the Abe family throughout history to revise the “Pacifist Constitution” and replace it by a war constitution. The reason that the Abe regime is so keen on revising the constitution is because it would be impossible for it to realize the ambition for overseas expansion without riding itself of the “yoke” of the present constitution.
It is the political logic of the Japanese reactionaries that the failed old dream of the “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” must come true at any cost and therefore the constitutional revision is inevitable.
The danger of the tragic crimes, which the Japanese imperialists committed in the past for the dream of continental aggression, is looming large.
The Japanese reactionaries are seriously mistaken, however. Their crafty calculation to open a way out for overseas invasion will only invite self-destruction.
They will be made to clearly understand what a high price they will have to pay for going reckless, being seized by ambition for reinvasion.

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