KCNA Commentary Slashes Efforts for Revival of Conservatism in S. Korea

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) — The conservatives in south Korea are making desperate efforts to evade the total ruin and prolong their dirty remaining days.

The “Liberal Korea Party” has gone crafty to win public support through the publication of a “party renovation manifesto” and with such honey-coated words as “three renovations” while claiming “renovation is the only way out for conservatism”.
They describe the measure taken to expel Park Geun Hye from the party and the pressure offensive to force leading pro-Park Geun Hye elements So Chong Won and Choe Kyong Hwan to leave the party as a bold and meaningful beginning for “renovation”.
The “Parun Party” members who have faced the end in the wake of withdrawal of the coalition party members from the party are also struggling hard to maintain their existence while promoting such “reformist policies” as “economic democracy” and “narrowing the differences between the rich and the poor”. They are eyeing political collusion with the “Kukmin Party” while professing differences from the “Liberal Korea Party” under the signboard of “clean conservatism” and “reformist conservatism”.
The farce of “conservatives’ renovation” and “conservatives’ reform” staged by the conservative group in their search of a way-out is the last-ditch efforts of those who outlived their days.
Historically, the conservative forces of south Korea have been renowned as a group of traitors to the nation who took the lead in fostering national division and fratricidal war and bringing unspeakable misfortune, pain and disaster to the south Koreans.
Everyone knows that the LKP and the “Parun Party” are from the bankrupt “Saenuri Party” which had been in line with Park Geun Hye to pursue traitorous politics and corruption and irregularities.
Whatever sleight of hand the group of conservatives may resort to, nothing will change. This is the unanimous comment of the south Koreans who experienced the behavior of the conservative ruling forces for more than half a century.
The April popular uprising in 1960, the October resistance for democracy in 1979 and the June popular resistance in 1987 and the candlelight demonstration in October last year for the elimination of Park Geun Hye were stern punishment meted out to the conservative forces by the south Koreans.
But the group of traitors who were sentenced to death together with Park Geun Hye have now gone clumsy to call for “conservatives’ renovation” and “conservatives’ reform” just reminding one of a drowning man catching at a straw.
Imbeciles keen on meeting their greed for power only are trying to veil their ambition for the revival of conservatism and stay in power with such words as “renovation” and “reform” but their crimes fresh in the memory of the people can never be written off.
The nightmare of history will repeat, should conservatism is allowed to go roughshod, challenging the candlelight mindset.
The broad segments of the south Koreans should not tolerate the childish burlesque of the conservatives but courageously turn out in the struggle to abolish conservatism and evil administration and to achieve new politics, new society and new life.

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