Rodong Sinmun Denounces Meeting of SOFA Joint Committee

Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) — Lately there was a meeting of the joint committee of the “Status of Forces Agreement” (SOFA) at which the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces discussed the issues of disclosure of the contents of the agreement, reparation to the victims of crimes committed by GIs, de-pollution of U.S. military bases in south Korea, etc. to calm down anti-American feelings of the south Korean people.

At the meeting the U.S. suggested that only information excluding “military secrets” would be made public when discussing the issue of disclosure of contents of the agreement, and it is a virtual refusal. The U.S. turned down the issue of increasing the number of the victims who deserve reparation, talking such nonsense as “preventive effort against GI crimes” and “boosting the bilateral cooperation”. It also rejected the issue of sharing burden for de-pollution of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces’ bases in south Korea, calling for continuing the “constructive discussion”. Finally the south Korean puppet authorities got nothing but inhospitality and ignorance, Rodong Sinmun says Saturday in a commentary.
The commentary continues:
The above-said meeting is nothing but an epitome of disgraceful relations between the master and servant as it ran through with domination and subordination, coercion and humiliation.
As already disclosed, SOFA concluded between south Korea and the U.S. is the worst document of modern slavery in the world.
That’s why the U.S. shamelessly satisfied its brigandish needs at the meeting, refusing to meet south Korea’s demands at all.
The south Korean authorities would be well advised to feel shame. They, obsessed with pro-U.S. sycophancy and confrontation with compatriots, kept mum before the master while reading its face. Their disgraceful behavior fans up the U.S. highhanded and arbitrary practices.
They should not run amuck in the moves for confrontation with the compatriots, begging for the permanent U.S. military presence in south Korea with dependence on the “alliance” with the master, but bear in mind the demand of the candlelight demonstrators for independence against the U.S.

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