Rodong Sinmun Slams S. Korean Puppet Authorities for Depending on Outside Forces

Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) — South Korean puppet Defense Minister Song Yong Mu and Foreign Minister Kang Kyong Hwa met the American masters including a delegation of the Armed Services Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives that visited Seoul, and earnestly begged them to expand the rotation deployment of U.S. strategic assets in the Korean Peninsula and “strengthen alliance,” talking rubbish that bilateral “close cooperation” would be “strong deterrent message” to someone.

In September the south Korean chief executive at the talks with Trump asked him to expand rotation deployment of U.S. strategic assets in south Korea.
These moves were a revelation of the sinister intention to hurt the compatriots in the north by force with the backing of outsiders, and sycophantic and treacherous act of making south Korea the U.S. nuclear logistic base for aggression and offering of a nuclear war, Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says in a commentary.
The commentary goes on:
The south Korean puppet authorities run amuck with the moves to stifle the compatriots by depending on outsiders. It is as foolish an act as pulling the noose of death around their necks.
They turned south Korea into the biggest nuclear arsenal in the Far East and the most dangerous nuclear advanced base of the U.S. Not content with this, they are frantic to impose disaster of nuclear war upon the nation by introducing U.S. strategic assets at random. This is the treacherous act of deserving a severe punishment.
It is ridiculous that the south Korean puppet authorities try to hurt the DPRK in military collusion with the U.S.
The DPRK is the nuclear power of Juche and the world’s military power as it has successfully realized the historic cause of completing the state nuclear force. It will never pardon those who dare hurt its dignity and sovereignty but mercilessly punish them.

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